Choose your favorite fabric and leave the rest to us

As another attempt to get closer to our aim, customers’ satisfaction, we have brought variety of options to provide Made-To-Measure shirts. You could choose among finest fabrics of best selected companies.

Whether you are looking for something classy and elegant or you want to look trendy, we have something to fit into your desires. If you are yearning for bright and new colors or something comfortable and light for everyday use, we invite you to take a look at our fabric collections presented by Thomas Mason, Monti and lsaia.

Now that you have chosen your favorite fabric, you might be wondering what to do with it next, since it is far too beyond a nice-looking shirt yet. As another service, we can offer you some companies including: MILIMETRIC , CARUSO , ISAIA . Located in Europe; all professional in their job, promising fastest delivery, and pleased to make the best shirt out of your fabric. You would choose any of them which meets your needs best.